Rae likes a book which can double as a yoga block, door stop, or a wheel chock for her imaginary Cessna. When left on the bedside table, the type of science fiction or fantasy book that can be used in self-defence.

Rae’s ultimate comfort read is The Elenium and Tamuli series by David Eddings. She is heartbroken as the audiobook is narrated horrifically. Her go-to Space Opera will always be The Culture books by Iain M. Banks. Peter F. Hamilton’s books are grand but needed an editor.

I have gotten into Audiobooks (since 2015, I have racked up four months, 12 days, 2 hours, and 21 minutes of listening time). And my top narrators are Kate Reading, Michael Kramer, John Lee, Peter Kenny, and Ric Jerrom. Most of my new listens are found when searching through those narrators’ back catalogues.

I’ll be writing reviews and writing shorts. I avoid Young Adult like the plague and will give self-published a chance- however, I haven’t had much luck there!

Much love from a mountain in Ireland.

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