Welcome to Cool Starship a virtual space where science fiction meets sculpting, and book reviews go beyond the ordinary. I’m Rae, your guide through the multifaceted worlds of fantastical realms and miniature marvels.

It all began with a single book—The Elenium by David Eddings. That’s where I fell headfirst into the endless possibilities of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

This is not just another website (it totally is). It’s a chronicle of my escapades in reading and hobbying—a blend of humor and honesty that you won’t find in your average high-school book report.

Hobbying, for me, is a tangible expression of my love for the genres that captivate me. I’ve sculpted curiosities like wheelie bins and Coobes, and even a screaming flesh mask that’s earned me “accolades”. Through sharing these projects, I aim to defeat the dragon of procrastination and inspire others to do the same.

My YouTube channel (coming soon!) will be a collection monthly achievements in the hobby sphere, event recaps, and candid book reviews. Not aspiring to be an influencer, but simply to share my passion.

Beyond hobbies, I have a classic 1979 Ford Capri, affectionately named Valentine, and I reside on a scenic mountain in Ireland. When not engaging with hobbies, I’m connecting people to the electrical grid or wrestling with A0 paper CAD maps and a tired government printer.